Thursday, June 23, 2011

20 Sexiest Artist Indonesia

1. Nadya Hutagalung

The sexiest ever! hobo-australia mulatto woman is starting a career as a model and appeared early kehebohannya

POPULAR magazine cover as th. 1992, his age was still 18 years, but appear cooked, such as 28-year-old woman. subsequent career he appeared as a 1995-era mtv vj's. there is the issue since he appeared in popular, he pursued many om2 who want to spend time with him, he was eventually somewhat reluctant to return to Indonesia, and sempet marriage with a man carousel. SKG he became ambassador senayan city.

2. Tamara Bleszynski

although since the marriage she looks decent in public, but still can not cover that in masa2 before marriage he performed incredible sexy, but still polite. was dubbed the most beautiful celebrities thoracic (taunya where ya) .. hehehe. for the cave, since Nadya Hutagalung disappeared overseas, she performed the number one in Indonesia.

3. Sophia Latjuba

certainly before there is Nadya Hutagalung & tamara sticking, sophia Latjuba number one was a distinguished look. famous as a model since the late 80s, he was not just appear in the world model, but also play movies and become a singer. since marriage with lesmana senses, he rarely look sexy, just make a scene appear again after a divorce when it appears to cover popular in th. 1999, with nearly naked poses. edition of the popular circulation of plasticity only a week, remaining withdrawn and now can be found in used bookstores. SKG Latjuba married with bule michael vilareal, marriage controversial.

4. Sarah Azhari

sarah azhari bener2 seems to rely only sexiness of his body to attract public attention. he appeared very often in magazines POPULAR, with the appearance of more and more sexy. selaen modeling, she also sang. 1999 sempet atao 2000 he also appeared almost naked in a magazine as a cover MATRA, and also faced claims kalo ga wrong.

5. Febby Lawrence

former national movie star hot. but between the heat bintang2 laennya, justry Febby game was the most polite, but still can not cover up that he is the most sexy of all. once the national film industry who rely on sex theme throughout the 1990 crash, his career also looks dim. he only appeared in several soap operas sekali2 in the late 1990s.

6. Aline Tumbuan

he was chosen as the sexiest women 2004 version of FHM Indonesia. now is more appears to be a presenter at TV2 private.

7. Karenina

he appeared totally in modeling and the catwalk. although rap music fans, but he never swerved ga tried so singer for example. consequently, his career could stagnate because in Indonesia, ga modeling will last forever. but it seems clear he is enjoying his career today.

8. Rianti Cartright

mtv vj who later tried to play the national movie. no question, tough enough action on tv hehehe ato enough to see his picture.

9. Cut Keke

one of the 90s generation who left, but he is more famous for making the sensation of time going out with Ahmad Albar who was much older. marriage with a distinguished Gathan much younger and a student only for the rest corn. he is more famous for the cave of time with my movie play Kadir & Doyok

10. Titi Kamal

probably among the most polite among them. but the sex appeal of his extraordinary, and he was quite successful in the midst of a national cinema which was on the rise and flourish.

11. Happy Salma

Happy known as a model, before then spread the wings as a soap opera actress, movie stars, theater and TV presenter.

12. Nadine Chandrawinata

Nadine Chandrawinata is Miss Indonesia 2005 from Jakarta provincial delegates. Nadine chance to represent Indonesia in Miss Universe 2006 which was held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, United States and won the second championship for Best National Culture and Miss Friendship. Unfortunately, beautiful appearance is not balanced with English skills, especially fatal errors in pronunciation as a city beautiful Indonesia (Indonesian Is Beautiful City) in an interview in English. but still, he includes sexy. no doubt about it.

13. Cornelia Agatha

His name became popular for her role as a character rich girl named Sarah in TV series, Si Doel schoolgirl. Plus a lot of appearances appeared in many soap operas, making her even more popular. later he also play the national film, and is active in theater. Cornelia including full sexy starlets distinguished achievement in the 90s. SKG maybe he would enjoy her role as housewife

14. Annisa Tri Banowati

Initially he was famous as an actor Adjie pangestu lover, and eventually became his wife. but it was before that she's already been diperistri and have children from ari sigit, since he was 16th. Annie was dah SKG divorce, and marry again same courtesies tauk tuh forget, Sutan Jorge? well ... although already married 3x, still sexy mother wrote this one.

15. Catherine Wilson

Talk model certainly can not be separated from Catherine Wilson. Although the starting rare waddle on the catwalk and more focus on acting, beautiful virgin who was familiarly called Keket, still will not leave the world a model that raised his name.

16. Mariana Renata

She is an actress and model who in 2004 had been a star Lux advertisement, which then catapulted him.

17. Mulan Kwok

Mulan is a band vocalist duo, Queen, along with his wife Maia Ahmad WHO Also fronted the band Dewa 19, Ahmad Dhani. Mulan joined the Queen replace the Mambo Queen WHO was fired by management. Almost similar to the case of Pink, Mulan has now been fired due to problems with management of the Queen. Himself Cave lamented the departure of Mulan Kwok. he is not only beautiful, sexy and energetic on stage, but the style Brings freshness to lagu2 queen. great loss for the queen Actually.

18. Artika Sari Dewi

Name Artika Sari Devi was known publicly since his election as Miss Indonesia 2004. The participation of Pacific Islands origin dara ayu is in the arena of universal or Miss Universe daughter make her figure more known, especially at the owner's height is 168cm and weighs 48kg became the only Asian woman who managed to enter 15 Great Miss Universe held in Bangkok, Thailand, May 30, 2005, and won the 'Crystal Miss Universe' for Indonesia.

19. Alya Rohali

Alya Rohali, known as host as well as soap opera star. Joint presenter Helmi Yahya, he successfully guided a live quiz show Who Dare, which aired on Indosiar. None Alya himself is a former Miss Indonesia 1996 in Jakarta as well.

20. Fifi Aleyda Yahya

in metro tv news presenter. sexy actress is not just a monopoly, but was also a presenter. seems to prove this fifi

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